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Won't you forget about me when I'm gone?   
05:43am 16/02/2004
mood: contemplative
Hello everyone. I hope you're having a pleasant 5 AM this Monday morning. In any case, get ready to kick back with your six pack of girly drinks and some cheese curls for this one.

No, I'm not doing an LJ cut. No, you don't have to read it. But fuck you, it's here.

Overwhelmed with a deep repulsion for sights seen so commonly, now I have come to be the walking enmity. Assimilate into a culture of post morality, from what I've seen, I hate humanity. Rot with repulsion. I'll write the world a brand new song. Look upon your bleak creation, but is it truly me that's to be the human blasphemy? I'll set the world on fire and, in burning light I'll write my first love song and I will feel warmth. Hide your eyes in heaven, in the lies. Believe. Relieve. I'll end the world tonight. Overwhelmed with a deep repulsion for sights seen so commonly, now I have come to be a walking enmity, for humanity, the human blasphemy, I'll end the world tonight.
-afi, "smile"

Humanity's fucking repulsing. You probably stopped reading right there, expecting the usual angsty feed or uncultured emotion and drivel that LJ is so... designed for. One big window where we can pick at the icky parts of everyone while they put on a fashion show. To a point. But I digress, back to the scum we call mankind.

It shocks me that in almost nineteen years of existence...I seem to have been numbed to cruelty. Not numbed, I suppose, or this entry wouldn't exist. But unsurprised, at any rate. The callous disregard of human emotion and feeling is commonplace to me. And I could be whining, but I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Friends. Family. Lovers. We've all become Darwin's emotional specimens, we breathe and eat and smother ourselves in the shit people lay on us as if it was never different.

What the fuck happened to decency, respect? I know it's not a foreign concept. What happened to goddamn responsibility for actions, instead of tightly twisted lies webbed between people that get passed off as relationships? Everyone's a goddamn martyr. Well guess what fuckers: I could make you a laundry list of the people that hate me, and I could tell you nearly exactly why each of them loathe me. And I could tell you that I didn't deserve it in some cases- but I did in others. But even in the ones I didn't deserve it, I could tell you why.

But then, I think about my life, and the least you can say is I've tried. I've stayed loyal to friends and those I love, and I've atoned for my sins best as I know. I'm not going out on a regular basis to degrade the quality of someone else's life.

But then you have other people. People who seem to have a belief system based on self-interest, lying, hate, backstabbing, gossip, and plain ol' fashioned malice. And they sit there like Jesus Christ just grabbed their crown of thorns and took their place on the cross.

Why does your life "suck"? Why do all your friends seem to come and go? Because you are a sad excuse for a human being. PERIOD. Because I apologize for the innate wrath I'm releasing at the moment, but I would much prefer you dead than having to listen to me or the people I care about apologize every ten minutes for our broken nose blocking the way of your angelic footsteps. Do you, they, any of these people even think for one minute about what they are doing, and to whom? And when you sit to write your sad tales about your lost loves, do you think for a second that it could have been your fault? Does it ever grab you in the middle of the night, at three in the morning when it's as silent as death, how much damage you've done?

Does it really suck that much to hurt so many people?

Because I can't imagine it does, really. Otherwise you wouldn't have such a track record.

Even people who just hate and are cruel for no reason have more worth than you. They admit to what they're doing. I can fucking respect that.

So many of you out there. Fuckers.

You are the people who rot love, honor, loyalty, and honesty: about the only things we've got going for this sad evolutionary spinoff we call our own. And if you don't own up to it, and start cutting down your briars of absolute bullshit and actually try to be honest with yourself- and the rest of us- then someday you're going to be the only one of us who hasn't figured it out.

With that, friends- makeshift_wings leaves, only to return as another live journal name, as another vague alias with pictures and letters that try to get your attention. Because in the end all this is is that silent part of my mind begging to be heard. And noticed.

The simple, beautiful part of all of us begging to be heard, seen, but most of all, listened to.

Taken seriously is a lesser concern.

"The tragedy of it is that nobody sees the look of desperation on my face. Thousands and thousands of us, and we're passing one another without a look of recognition."
-henry miller

(morning choirs | sing to me their elegy)

06:19pm 11/02/2004
  And Deb (my new coworker) if you don't see me tonight e-mail me or call me or something, because I think I'm gonna be making a new journal and i need to get into you image hosting again :(  

(sing to me their elegy)

I don't mind you coming here and wasting all my time.   
05:52pm 11/02/2004
mood: ecstatic
I would be in a Cars cover band. Oh wait, that's Weezer. SAY WHAT?

I digress people, that's not what's really important. What IS important is that:


And due to that, I just realized...I can pierce my lip. Incredibly soon.
Like after training.


Fuck Sears, and be advised there will be an opening in consultative sales, Div. 9.

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Arr Arr Arr   
08:43pm 10/02/2004
  That didn't work, by the way.

Anyway since it is my livejournal, I feel I should bore all of you by mentioning my high DDR scores. From most people this is exciting and informative, because they can actually play well and get AAA scores and totally own people like me. But stupid you, you're reading now and I'm bored.

Today I AA'd:
Dive (deeper mix)
Superstar (challenge) for the first time.

Thank you, thank you.

GOD, so GAY am I.

(morning choirs | sing to me their elegy)

I don't know Adam Carson, but him and me could smoke a bowl no doubt...   
03:53am 10/02/2004
  "Growing up in the town that we grew up in there are two types of people, there are the people who leave after high school and the people who stay, and the people who stay may think they're gonna leave but they're not- the option for us was to do what we love and get out of that town and see the world. We sacrificed the horrors of the real world, which is like 'Woo!' we aren't a part of the real world and it's WONDERFUL! We're in this weird little microcosm that we've created for ourselves and a few people get to experience. It happens in different arenas too, it's not just rock and roll, but I mean anyone who really gets to do what they love for a living can experience that to some extent."

adam carson, afi

Change is coming, comfortable is leaving. Fuck what's fake and give me something real.

So why is it always such a surprise to realize you weren't locked in the cage: you were clinging to the bars?

(sing to me their elegy)

11:26pm 07/02/2004
  called it like the psychic motherfucker that i am. now going outside to ponder existence.  

(morning choirs | sing to me their elegy)

02:08am 07/02/2004
  Well I'll attempt to update this quickly, apparently Kevin needs it.

Last night was weird...I went over to Jameses becaue Chris called. It was cool for the most part I guess...James was being a bitch. Ah, surprise. Wait, no. So I dunno. Do I go over there ever again or just give the whole damn thing up? I mean, I'd like to hang out with Bill/Chris/Dan/Tony, but...

Speaking of which, everyone minus James/Bill came to the gettogether tonight. It was cool, i guess. I didn't have a ton to eat today, so I got sick rather quickly...drunk. But everyone was cool, the three dudes didn't stay long but seriously: dudes, don't call my friends bitches, especially friends I've known for three times as long as you when they did NOTHING. I guess one dude, no one else said anything. But I think my displeasure was registered at the county office of body language.

Whatever...I've sort of come to the conclusion that a lot of people out there (customers tomorrow...eew) are just trying ever so desperately to be cool, and I guess it sort of confuses me as to WHY, exactly. I'm not even talking about most people I know, because I tend to avoid that. So I should be thankful. It just seems like shit when people try to be the coolest bitches evar when they should be embracing what they are.

Life's too short, I guess.

I think I might attempt sleep and uh...non waking. I'm not too good at that tho.

(morning choirs | sing to me their elegy)

I'm in a pissy mood, what makes you think I want comments?   
07:31pm 04/02/2004
  a pirate runs wild, and a pirate runs free,
but he's bound to his life and he's bound to the sea
chained fast to the fact that he's given to roam;
to each love in each port he can never call home.

he'll give lanterns of hope for the slice of the blade,
sell his soul to the devil for the freedom he craves,
he'll give up the truth for the words of a story,
for this world leaves nothing, but legend leaves glory.

you can give me the measure of any good man
but he ends with the sunset and safety of land
a pirate may sin, and a pirate may lie,
but he's true to himself till the day that he dies.

now a pirate will brave any strong gale of strife
for the promise of blood, love, or riches of life,
a doubloon's just the key that a man's got to hold
to reach all the treasure not silver or gold.

so give me the gulls and the grog and the sea,
i'll take up the bonds made by cutlasses free,
when i pass this horizon, no seaman will cry,
for i lived like a pirate, and the same way i died.
So I'm inclined to agree with Andrews in general, now.   
04:52pm 04/02/2004
mood: pessimistic
Yeah, this is the bitch journal. No one has said as much yet, but it is! And what a wonderful one it is.

I don't know if I should be getting out of the house more or less.

It's all probably hallucinatory, as no one else notices, but then again, maybe no one is the object of these few little rants. But for all future references, if you've got something to say to another person? Say it, people.

I go to work to be bitched at. But I get paid.

Why do I post this shit? I like writing. It helps. But then I post this inane shit that needs to be forgotten about in an hour on the interweb so everyone can go batshit insane. It's wonderfully smart.

I guess somewhere inside, I *do* want everyone to know I'm pissed.

I don't even know if there's going to be a party, because I'm not in much of a partying mood.

More of a "fuck all this and go to an isolated cliff and drink beer and smoke with a good friend/lover" mood.

That is an Adam Carson idea, by the way.

I obviously don't want to fuck him, but I wish I had an Adam Carsonish friend. At least in that respect.

I probably do, and I'm just too fuckin' into myself and the way certain things/attitudes make me feel to notice.

That's a Henry Miller thing. But I think he's dead.


(morning choirs | sing to me their elegy)

All this news, nothing to report really.   
07:58pm 02/02/2004
  AFI is playing yet another show in Orlando. I know, someone loves me, and maybe it's secretly AFI or Dreamworks. Gay my ass.

Because the premise of AFI stalking me makes such utter sense. As much sense as anything does, really.

As much sense as me burning a DDR CD, really...

Oh, and I'm going to see AFI on the second night. Was there really a doubt? Piss on philosophy.

And I'm skipping work on Friday to DDR and have a sexxxy party.

And I had a divine revelation of what my backpiece will look like.

I think that's it. That's enough, anyway.

(morning choirs | sing to me their elegy)

12:13am 02/02/2004
mood: amused

Come take the Comprehensive DDR Personality Test!

Created by ptocheia


(sing to me their elegy)

10:26am 01/02/2004
mood: crappy
Ugh, indeed.

How can I still feel like a sack of bricks hit me in the face? Actually, my arms seem to be the sorest (not a word?) part of my body, for better or for worse.

So night before last Justin Sane brought over a brood of children, which I sort of knew was a bad idea but everyone said yes, so I did it anyway. You know those retarted urges. On the up side, all the kids were really nice at heart, and weren't some thrashy GIVE ME MY BRASS KNUCKLES AND THE FIGHT kids; on the downside, they were the "desperately trying to prove I am hardcore punk rawkers". You know. Nice, annoying in extremely large doses. To their credit they mostly behooved themselves, but 10-13 kids is loud under any standards. I mostly spent the night freaking out on the stairs/in my room with Andrew and Kevin because I thought Jordie was going to go off on me. After the night ended, I sort of fell asleep, but was still freaking out because I thought I'd get bitched at the next day.

I wasn't really in the mood to be bitched at.

So the next day, I do NOT call out of work like I wanted to, I go. OH FUCK, WHAT A BAD, BAD IDEA. Motherfucking customers. If any of you EVER, EVER go into a retail store, do not give employees shit. I mean it. Whatever human instinct it is to turn into white trash the moment you walk into Sears needs to fucking stop. Oh, and if you're male OR female, stop commenting on my knowledge of tools. Unless its a goddamn compliment. Don't you dare not believe me, or be surprised that I know something, especially if you're a manager (fuck you, Barry-I hope that screw remover return that is NOT under warranty bites you in the motherfucking ass later). Then, at 8:30, this brood comes in. But they bought $1400 worth of stuff. And I was the only one left, because I waited for them. ($1400 is generally a whole DAY, for those not in the know.) SO FUCK YOU ALL! HAH!

So I go home, still expcting some long lecture from Jordie, and of course in my current mindset not even close to in the mood, I go home. No one is there except Chris, but then everyone came home, and to Jordie's credit and the decreditation (not a word) of my stress-induced paranoia, very little was said about the other night, and I changed the subject every time because I really didn't/don't/won't want to hear about something that pretty much cemented my belief that my being a social recluse and having some weird social anxiety thing is A-OK.

I was so tired I went to bed around 1. And woke up at 9:45. WHA?

I feel sick and not even tired so maybe I'll just go to sleep. My mom has a certificate for Carrabbas, but it doesn't even sound good...

Maybe me and Tia should just have some girl bonding day and eat ice cream and get a metric fuckload of lollypops, I dunno. Something's gotta make me feel better. I gotta check my schedule and make sure I'm not doing a long shift on Sat....I don't think I can handle it this week.

Oh and thanks to Eric and Deb for my background hosting/journal helping.

(morning choirs | sing to me their elegy)

Fuck. Thank you, January, for totally blowing.   
08:50pm 28/01/2004
  Current Balance 01/28/2004 $335.83
Available Balance 01/28/2004 $335.83
Amount of Last Deposit 01/28/2004 $253.81
Year to Date Interest 01/28/2004 $0.00

Yes, $253.81 was my last paycheck.

If I didn't have the $225 stipend from Florida Academic Scholars coming in, I'd be broke. Well, $88 of broke.


(sing to me their elegy)

Fuck. WHY is Courtney Love such a bitch?   
02:02am 28/01/2004
  hey yeah we had everything
vinyl in mono
and we looked the other way man
we were so dumb
is this the part in the book that you wrote
where I gotta come and save the day
did you miss me
did you miss me

well they say that rock is dead
and they're probably right
99 girls in the pit
did it have to come to this

oh god you owe me one more song
so i can prove to you that
i'm so much better than him
oh god just gonna listen fast
here comes the crash
we're gonna rise above
we're gotta smash it up
you won't abandon us again

give us brilliant boys that we wanna fuck man
full of ecstasy, hard drugs and bad luck
yeah yeah yeah
turn the lights back on
you burn so hard
but you won't burn long

three chords in your pocket tonight
are you, you the one
with the spark to bring my punk rock back
and i dont think so

oh god i wanna hear you say
i wanna hear you say that you're sorry again
oh god you owe me one more song
so I could prove to you
that I'm so much better than them
oh god I'd give you anything
to hear you say that I was right
and you were wrong
oh god before i leave this life
now enable us to love
a hook is never gonna come
just give it back to me
blow out all of the lights tonight

two million miles down the PCH
(and now he's gone)
i slashed his tires, i bled his brakes
(it had to be done)
their hand job lives were just too cruel
you merciless villlan
we drowned them all in their swimming pools
run away run away run away yeah

oh god i wanna hear you say
i wanna hear you say that you were wrong again
oh god i wanna hear you say i wanna hear you say
that i am so much better than you
oh god you owe us one more song
get out my life, see this world as it really is
is it just a sad side show
can make a hooker cum
and enable us to love
i need one thing that's divine
let me hear it tonight
let me hear it tonight
i've got to hear it tonight
you're gonna let me hear the lost chord tonight, yeah

(sing to me their elegy)

What a bitch. Thank God her music's serviceable.   
07:47pm 27/01/2004
mood: amused
The above refers to Courtney Love.

Anyway, today has also turned out to be a rather serviceable day. The day itself isn't really with note, other than playing DDR with my best friends, but I'm lucky and that happens on a regular basis. But i AA'd Kind Lady (Interlude) Challenge. So HA.

Then I went to class, and logically that would suck. But Justin Sane (his real name's jeremy, don't worry) ended up showing up, and sleeping on the desk. So I took 40 minutes of class to write a sea chantey.

Yes, a sea chantey. Chanty? Whatever.

I like it, and I think I'm gonna make it part of my tattoo sleeves.

So we went on break, and Justin Sane and I agreed we should go home, because we were bored. And he agreed to take me and Andrew's extra AFI tickets. So we might hang out later after our respective roommates get off work.

About the only thing I can say sucks about tonight is the fact that <3Andrew<3 is not here. Damn band practice. Sigh.

I guess it's forcing me not to rely just on the small set of friends that I have...God knows they are the best in the world, but it's probably obvious to everyone that I haven't left the house, except to go out with Andrew. I;m a motherfucking recluse.

Hopefully, that'll start changing.

I love my boyfriend, and I love my friends. And to add to the fruitiness, when I'm done talking to Chris Grant, I am going to play FINAL FANTASY X-2.


Oh and Tia:

"Of course I’m straight, what the hell are you on about! I’m straight as a ruler. I’ve never seen a gay ruler."

(sing to me their elegy)

02:42pm 26/01/2004
  Lest anyone think I'm going to be pensive today, I have decided to listen to a lot of J-Pop. And I am enjoying it. YEAH.  

(sing to me their elegy)

someday, this dream will end.   
02:39pm 26/01/2004
mood: content
Today was so odd.

When you open the backdoor to the apartment, the breeze blows through, past you and the computer.

I could swear it tries to open the front door and let itself out.

But in such a moment of silence, clarity: every torn poster on the wall, crumpled blanket on the futon and sugary plastic-wrapped lollypop on the table is what I am.

I know they'll leave, but in memory: Davey Havok will always be looming over my briskly typing fingers and Dream glaring at my back. The futon will always scratch and pummel me as I sleep; it will make that horrid creaking noise when I attempt to turn over it.

On my deathbed I will note if the smell of my decaying body really does smell like our kitchen.

As soon as it happens, it happens...but it never leaves. What exists in all forms is as real as me. Tattoos on my body, my eyes, my mind. The crumpled pieces of paper and melon cigarette ashes are the same as the reasons I've cried, laughed and loved.

I think it might all be just a dream after all.

I hope it's a good one.

(morning choirs | sing to me their elegy) oh, so this is life?   
01:05am 26/01/2004
  There's something in the motherfucking water today.

Don't ask me what. It didn't affect customers, at least....that much we can be thankful for. But on the other hand...there were no customers.

So I have my stupid web design class, and then a makeup lab tomorrow. ACES.

And I don't know much about what's going on, readers of this journal but since I'm hopefully going to bed soon (don't quote me, I can't sleep now, but I'm hoping to try), I'm on the rag. I can't do it if I wanted to, and I've told you before I wouldn't. I would hope that's what all this deep blue funk is that I'm in, but I dunno. But that being said, I wasn't doing anything but talking, so I would hope that nothing I did pissed you off. I'm sorry if I did, and hopefully we'll talk about this when you get home.

Fuck lurkers. I hope we talk just so we can get things worked out, and because that's what friends do. Your friendship means enough to me, and I'm sure I speak for the rest of the household when I say it means enough to them to talk this shit out.

So go ahead, lurkers of my journal, and speculate the fuck out. Whatever.

Feel better Kevin, and hopefully I'll see you in a few hours (far too few for that damn class).

(sing to me their elegy)

05:17am 20/01/2004
mood: bored

Name: Nicole
Nickname(s): arsonic/ellie riot/dreamxofxoakland
Birthdate: 3.8.85
Age: 18, quite nearly 19.
Sign: A flaming Pisces. FIGURES.
Hair Color: It's black at the roots, and then it fades into red. It used to be on purpose.
Eye Color: Blue, I think.
Skin Color: Freaking transluscent.
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 125-135, depending on the size of my paycheck.
Shoe Size: 8
Any piercings: 2 00 Gauge ears.
Where: EARS.
Any tattoos: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, and a black and white crying angel silhouette.
Where: Left inner ankle and right calf, respectively.

Mom's Name: Beverly
Dad's Name: Robert (AAGH)
Any pets and names: A dog called Happy. I didn't name it.
Any siblings and names: A 13 year old basket case known as Cassondra.
How many people live in your house: 3 to 4.
Are your parents divorced: Unfortunately for everyone involved, NO!
Are your parents separated: Other than living together, yes.
Are your parents together: Not at all. Other than previously mentioned.
What vehicles do your family own: A Honda Accord, Taurus station wagon (damn you dad, should have been mine) and my shitbag Grand Marquis.

Are you straight/bi/gay: I'm straight but I work in tools and have a liking for long haired boys. Meh.
Are you single: NO!
If not, who is your boyfriend/girlfriend: Andrew Targee, who still insists he's not famous.
How old is he/she: 19
Describe them: My own personal Jesus. That I am also sexually attracted to.
Where do they live: Indian Harbor Beach
How far have you been with them: What do you, the viewers at home think?
Are you a virgin: No.
If not, how old were you when you lost it: 17.
Did it hurt: Yes, it fucking sucked.
Who'd you lose it to: Some jackass. Bleh. COLLEGE EXPERIMENTATION IS STUPID.
Are you in love: Yes.
If so, with who: Andrew. I love how they ask you if you're in love, and with WHO, right after they ask you who you are dating. Brilliant.
Have you ever been in love: Maybe twice. Once definitely/currently.
Have you ever been out of love: Yeah.
Believe in love a first sight: It seems ridiculous, but I cannot deny its existence.
What's your favorite part of the body on the opposite sex: COMEDY OPTION. No, uh....chest. Yes.
Whats your favorite feature: My eyes. And I have some thing with my shoulders. Don't ask me why.
Do you masturbate: Yeah.
Do you like to pleasure others: Yeah.
Why: As Bill and Ted said, "Two heads are better than one. Double the pleasure, and triple the fun."
Do you like others to pleasure you: Yeah.
Who: Andrew, you dumb fuck of a quiz.
How: Guess, and you're right, unless it involves excrement or bukkake.
When: Now's fine.
Would you ever star in porn: Nah, the idea of many people jerking off to me is a bit creepy.
Have you ever been in an X-rated movie or had pictures taken of you: Nope. SORRY, BOYS!
What's your favorite sexual position: Him on top, not because I'm traditional, it's just a matter of angles. ANGLES.

What do you wanna be when you grow up: The Hamburglar. Yes. That is now my official answer.
Do you want to get married: Yeah.
Do you want to go to college: Not really.
Where: Are you BLIND?
Why: For firsthand have I seen college grads working at Sears. And anything I would enjoy is vocational.
Major In: Hamburglary, and 99 Cent Menu Theft.
What kind of car do you want: A rice-burner means cheap gas. I want a Nissan truck. I don't know why.
Describe your dream house: One of the cool 1920's Spanish houses in California.
Do you want to have kids: ONE.
How many: ONE.
Marry for money or love: Love, you fucking moron.
Dream spouse: Andrew.
Love or lust: Who says I can't have both?
Happy or Sad: Happy, and sad when I need to be inspired.
Quiet or outgoing: Quiet.
Hold a grudge or let it go: All depends. But don't try that shit again...we never forget.
Calm or Spastic: Cool as the wild cucumber.
Shy or Open: Shy as hell.
Friendly or UNFriendly: Unfriendly. Unless I know you. Unless I dislike you.
Giving or Getting: Giving, but I'm down with the getting too.

Steve: What a boring ass name.
Stephanie: You have a KID! And he's CUTE!
Bobby: Fucking Howie Mandel.
Rocco: HEIFER!
Brandon: Fried chicken.
Ben: St. Denis
Janet: Dammit.
Eric: That DDR kid
Katie: See Steve.
Keith: See Katie.
Jeff: Isn't some NASCAR driver Jeff? Oh yeah, Jeff Gordon. Die.
Dave: DAVEY!
Josh: Giraffes.

Who have you known the longest: Probably Andrew. NO! Sarah Kovacs!
How long: Since eighth grade, Andrew since 10th.
Where did you meet: DeLaura Jr. High; Andy, Satellite High.
Ever gotten into a fight with them: Yes, some stupid bullshit my mom instigated; yes, some bullshit I no doubt instigated.
Has the best smile: Andy<3.
Has the best house: ALL my friends, because we live together SQUEE.
Makes you laugh the most: Andrew and my roommates.
Talk to most online: Andrew.
Most memories with: Andrew and Kevin.
Who can you trust with your life: Andrew and the roommates.

What's your best relationship: Andrew.
What is your shortest: Willy Craig.
Ever had your heart broken: Yes.

Band: AFI.
Color: Black and fuschia and red.
Number(s): 3 and 13.
Day of the week: Friday.
Type of Music: Anything but shitty rap, country, or metal. I prefer punk, goth, and crappy J-Pop, I guess.
Actor: Now I don't even know. WAIT. Johnny Depp.
Actress: FUCK. Cate Blanchett. Maybe.
Movie: Spirited Away, Pirates of the Caribbean, all the LotR films.
Season: Fall.
Poet: e.e. cummings
Brand of Shoes: Doc Martens, which I can never afford.

Pet Peeve(s): Knuckle cracking, drama whoring.
ONE thing you hate about the opposite sex: They hide everything. Even the most mundane shit. WE ALREADY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE PONDERING TELLING US, GO AHEAD.
ONE thing you love about the opposite sex: Considerably less drama. And Andrew belongs to said gender.
Things you say too much: FUCK!
Most annoying person: Kevin O. wins for now. Check back after I forget him.
Any famous people you've met: Tony Hawk. Before the video game, bitches.

(morning choirs | sing to me their elegy)

04:32am 20/01/2004
  To use that nifty tool:

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